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MENTAL HEALTH: What Goes on Behind Closed Doors

Teen To Teen is a series of blogs written by teen authors for teens on topics that matter most to them. Please Note: “Teen to Teen” should be considered peer-to-peer advice and support. It is not given in place of professional consult or care. By: Ava Kannady Society, parents, teachers, coaches, and ourselves often overlook […]

How Birthright Has Been My Village- And Could Be Yours Too!

By: Faith Downing I remember clearly waddling into Birthright on a hot August day, clutching a folder with my resume in one hand and cradling my very present baby bump with another. To most organizations, I was not an ideal job candidate, being nearly seven months pregnant with a maternity leave and major life overhaul […]

Morning after pill

There are many things to consider before taking the morning after pill. Did you know that it is a combination of hormones that are only effective if taken at a specific time after unprotected sex? Don’t just trust the internet to give you the latest information. Come to Birthright St. Charles for free professional help to understand what this type […]

Missouri’s Safe Place for Newborns Act

Missouri’s Safe Place for Newborns Act allows a parent to anonymously leave a newborn child with hospital staff, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, or law enforcement officers, without risk of legal consequences. And as of this year pregnancy resource centers (such as Birthright) were added to the Safe Place list. Newborn safe haven laws help protect […]