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A Flag’s Tale: Helping the Community

Author: Jami McDermott, Outreach Coordinator

I am the American flag, and I have flown proudly over this country for many years. My stars and stripes represent the dreams and efforts of a nation built on values like liberty, justice, equality, and compassion. Today, I want to share some moments I’ve seen through the years of America working to support each other, especially those in need, through community service.

Standing for Unity and Equality:

Since I was first raised in 1777, my stripes have represented the original thirteen colonies, and my stars have symbolized the states united together. Over the years, as the country has grown, I’ve seen each new state add its star, showing our commitment to unity and equality.

Witness to Community Service:

One of the most special things about America is its commitment to helping others. I’ve witnessed countless acts of kindness and support across the country, in both big cities and small towns, from numerous organizations dedicated to assisting people with various needs, such as mental illness, health issues, sexual violence, and more. This demonstrates that everyone is important and deserves help when they need it. For example:

Sheltering the Homeless:

Maternity shelters like Our Ladies Inn work hard to provide safe places for pregnant women and their family to stay. These shelters offer not just a bed, but also provide meals, help people find jobs, get counseling, and learn new skills. This support and partnership with organizations like Birthright St. Charles and Sparrow’s Nest helps women get back on their feet and move forward in life.

Supporting Pregnant Women:

Pregnancy resource centers, like Birthright St. Charles, are wonderful places that offer support to women who are expecting and have seen the value of compassion by providing important services like free professional counseling, pregnancy tests, and individualized supplemental resources. They also offer supplies and emotional support, ensuring that women are cared for during a crucial time of decisions and outcomes.

The Spirit of Volunteerism:

Volunteerism is the heart of community service in America. This selflessness and community spirit are what makes America strong. Volunteers and professionals work tirelessly across the country to provide medical help, support, and companionship to those who need it most.

Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion:

I wave proudly over a diverse and inclusive country. Community services like Birthright St Charles often meet and assist women from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, ensuring everyone feels valued and supported. This commitment to diversity makes communities richer and stronger.

Moving Forward Together:

Every thread and star on me represents the countless people who work to uphold justice, liberty, and equality. I’ve seen the faces of those helped by community services, and I feel the strength of a nation that cares for its people.

As I continue to wave over this great land, I remind everyone of the ideals that drive us forward. Together, with compassion and dedication, we can build a society where everyone has the chance to thrive. This unity and shared effort are the true spirit of America.

Yours in service and solidarity,

The American Flag

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