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Good Vibes to Help You Thrive in High School

By Eli Hagan – Student  Author

Being a high school student can be extremely stressful, especially as you are growing up or just trying to figure out who you are. There are so many ways to get yourself down, but there are also tons of ways to build yourself up and radiate positivity throughout your life.


Change the thought process

One way to think positively is by replacing those negative thoughts with positive ones. Thoughts like “I don’t want to go to school,” can be replaced with “I get to go see my friends.” Negative thoughts like, “I hate reading or I can’t learn math” affect your self-image by limiting your belief in yourself to learn and overcome challenges. By keeping a positive mindset you will learn to look for bright spots that will help you overcome the challenges of the mundane throughout the day.


Be Proud and build up others

Another way is to be proud of yourself. As teenagers, many of us struggle with doubtful thoughts, self-image, and more. We need to be proud of how we are made.  How empowering it can be to realize that the bodies we have are wonderfully unique and the way our brains work is beautiful. We need to be proud of who we are and celebrate the gifts that we have been given.

Try to share the positivity you have with your friends. Don’t be afraid to shine a light of optimism into others’ darkness. When people around you are negative, it is easy to fall into the hole with them. Instead, build your friends up with encouraging words or help them see a different perspective. This can bring joy into both of your lives.


Set Goals 

As you are trying to build your life up, set some small, attainable goals to stay positive and on track. High school can be very overwhelming and realistic goals can help you stay accountable to yourself. A goal can be as simple as setting your phone to silent while doing your homework or aiming for a particular grade on a test. Take pride in your achievements and continue to set more attainable goals. 

If it all starts to seem overwhelming, know that it’s okay to take a break. Set some time aside to go on a walk, hang out with friends, or do another activity that helps you recharge. Prioritize your self-care and do what you need to for your mental and physical health because you are worth it!  


Think First

Sometimes, you will get overwhelmed or thrown off track by unexpected events.  Even if you think you have it all figured out it is helpful to pause before you react. Just blowing up and reacting never ends well for you or anyone around you.  Taking a minute to step back, take a deep breath, and think before reacting to the situation may make it easier to process your feelings about it and find solutions.

As you react, try to practice gratitude at the same time. Think of how your actions will affect you and others in the long run. Many people are going through tough times and are looking for something to fight about so try to look deeper than the surface and recognize they may be struggling with something completely unrelated to you. 

Thriving in high school may not seem easy, but if you can put in the effort and try to keep a positive mindset, keep others accountable, and be proud of yourself, you can find that these years are truly an opportunity to thrive! 

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