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Know What to Bring on Your First Visit

fashion-1478814_640You’ve decided to come to Birthright for free pregnancy testing and counseling. What do you need to bring with you? Will you have to pay for anything?

The short answer? Nothing. You don’t have to pay for anything or bring anything when you come in to access our services. Surprised? That’s the beauty of Birthright.

No Need to Bring Financial Information

All of our services at Birthright are provided to you at no cost and are 100% confidential. When we say “No cost,” we mean it. We never charge for any services, resources or referrals. You can come in and not have to worry about bringing your cash, credit card, or checkbook.

You Provide Contact Information at Your Discretion

When you first arrive at Birthright, you will be asked for your name and birthdate. That’s it. You will not be required to show insurance cards or your ID, and there are no forms to fill out. Any contact information you provide will be obtained from the counselor you see, and it is up to you to choose whether or not to provide this information.

You May Bring in Proof of Pregnancy

If you have already had a pregnancy test in a doctor’s office or other clinic, you can bring the results in with you for proof of pregnancy. With this documentation, it would not be necessary for you to do another pregnancy test if you don’t want to. You can instead speak directly with a counselor to discuss your options.

Trusted Friends & Family are Welcome

Are you nervous about coming in to Birthright alone? You are more than welcome to bring trusted friends and family with you. Even if you are under the age of 18 we will serve you without a parent or adult present. Having this familiar support will help you feel at ease. When you come in, the counselor will first meet with you alone and then invite in anyone else that came with you.


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