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Author: Tavana Darris

In a recent blog post, one of our staff members wrote about how Birthright St. Charles had been her village. But, to create a village we must have willing participants within the community that supports an idea or mission.

At Birthright St. Charles, our village consists of men and women who donate their time, resources, and finances to help us support the women and families of the St. Charles community facing pregnancy dilemmas. And, with over 40 years of work in this community, we’re still pursuing collaborations that bring value to those we serve.


Community Outreach

Over the past months, our staff and volunteers have increased participation in community events and sought partnerships that would greatly benefit those we serve.

Through our partnerships, we have secured a wide range of resources addressing needs that include food insecurity, housing, clothing, and adoption services.

For example, with expecting women, we’ve partnered with Our Lady’s Inn to address housing insecurity. For over 75 years, Bethany Christian Services has responded to the needs of children through pregnancy counseling, foster care, and adoption services. For children, Youth In Need offers counseling, transitional living, and emergency shelter, and NECAC (North East Community Action Corporation), which services 19 counties in Missouri, provides support via social services to those who are low-income, elderly, youth, handicapped, and disadvantaged.

Recently, we’ve built a new partnership with Marcy’s Project, a St. Peter’s based organization that provides food, education on healthy meals, and various markets for free clothing, holiday décor, and household supplies that support struggling families. 

Our outreach coordinators also attended the Her PLAN Partnership & Resource Fair hosted by Her Plan and the Oasis Resource Center. This opportunity placed us in front of dozens of organizations that support the men, women, and children of this community and surrounding area. Our goal was to collaborate and connect with resources that will allow us to better serve our clients.

We seek and welcome new opportunities for partnerships within our community.


Our Counselors

Every day our doors are open, and our master’s level clinical counselors work with women in need of emotional and practical support. They offer sensitive, compassionate, and non-judgmental care and are licensed by the State of Missouri. Our counselors are trained to address circumstances such as family & relational issues, anxiety & depression, grief & loss, pregnancy and postpartum, life stressors, and financial concerns. They provide client-led goal setting, trauma-informed care, and a safe place to process feelings. 

At Birthright St. Charles, our counselors assist women experiencing pregnancy crises by supporting them throughout their decision-making process. We provide education on available options and create a safe and empathetic environment where their authentic voices can be heard.

We strive to make sure every individual seen will continue to receive services from the same counselor throughout their journey and as often as needed at no cost.


Other Services

Visiting our office you’ll have access to services such as our 99% accurate, medical-approved pregnancy tests with same-day results. Through our community partnerships, we have referrals and resources such as clothing and infant equipment from Mary Queen of Angels, housing assistance and support with St. Joachim & Ann Care Services, and home-based parenting and early childhood development education with Parents as Teachers. 

We partner with the Saint Louis Crisis Nursery, an organization that fights child abuse through parent empowerment training and short-term care for young children. Another example of a possible referral and community linkage is to Nurses for Newborns which provides health assessments for infants and mothers through their home-visiting program. 

In addition to referrals and resource linkage, Birthright St. Charles can also assist with practical needs such as baby items and mom emotional self-care items.  Financial support is also a possibility to assist with expenses while managing your pregnancy or on maternity leave.

Overall, we provide a client-centered approach to services, meaning each woman and family we serve will receive the support, information, and resources necessary to meet their unique circumstance.


For your Guide to Birthright’s Services and Partnerships click here.

Although we are a pregnancy resource center, we do understand you are more than your pregnancy, and life circumstances can inhibit your ability to move forward. The services and resources we offer help us support you holistically, so you can be the best you for you.


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If you or someone you know is dealing with a crisis concerning an unplanned pregnancy or struggling with resources or mental health needs related to pregnancy loss or postpartum, call or text us at 636-724-1200 24/7. Our offices are open Monday-Friday and the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month. Walk-ins are welcomed.


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