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Celebrating Lasting Love Throughout The Years

As human beings, we all long for companionship and support, but what we sometimes forget is the work that goes into building strong and healthy relationships.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we asked some of these incredible women who make our work possible through their generous hearts to share their best love advice on what have made their marriages and relationships not only last, but thrive over the years.

Regardless of whether they have been married for 2 years or 50, here’s what our wonderful volunteers and staff had to say:

“Support each other in goals, sickness, daily chores and work, share the joy of each person’s accomplishments and love in both your speech and actions” –Birthright Volunteer, married 15 years

“When you feel like screaming or walking away, take pause and remember why you married him or her.” -Birthright Volunteer, married 50 years

“Two-way Communication clearly, often, and with an open mind.” -Birthright Volunteer, married 1+ years

“Faith, trust and a sense of humor- you have to find the humor in daily life, in each other’s shortcoming and the obstacles life hands you. Trust you’ll find a solution together and respect your differences in interests and opinions- you don’t always have to ‘be right’” -Birthright Volunteer, married 20 years

“Learn to compromise, talk everything out and agree to disagree if you have to.” -Birthright Volunteer, married 28 years

“In everything, be willing to work together as a team & seek out ways every day to show gratitude for the gift of the other.” -Birthright Staff Member, married 2.5 years

“Prayer and commitment!” -Birthright Volunteer, married 25 years

“Turn to and lean on each other in the trials. Overcoming them together makes your relationship stronger. Rejoice with each other in joyous times and frequently reflect together on your blessings.” -Birthright Volunteer, married 32 years

Working every day at all of the above!” -Birthright Volunteer, married 49 years

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