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4 Ways To Celebrate Diversity

‘Diversity’ is a term that is as important as it is prevalent in our society today. One of the most beautiful attributes of humanity is the variety in which it is presented—people of all colors, shapes, sizes, backgrounds and world views walk this planet, creating as they do a tapestry only emboldened by the differences displayed.

At Birthright, we are blessed to be able to serve women from of all ethnic backgrounds regardless of race, creed or socio-economic status. In doing so, we have learned first-hand that diversity is a thing of beauty and value.

It seems that now, more than ever, we are in need of the reminder that our differences don’t need to divide us and in fact, can be cause for celebration and dialogue.

In light of this, here are 4 ways to celebrate diversity in your own life and family:

Have A Dialogue About Your Differences

We all have someone in our lives with whom our opinions, beliefs or backgrounds differ, and all too often, we are quick to shut down conversations when they reach this point of divergence. Entertaining open, respectful dialogue about our differences, however, can actually allow for fuller understanding and greater appreciation of these differences.

When we open ourselves up to the reality that others have varied experiences from our own, we widen our capacity to empathize and increase the likelihood of finding common ground that we may not have noticed otherwise. If you find

Explore Your Heritage

We all come from somewhere. One way to dive into further discovery of the diversity surrounding us is to learn more about our own roots. If you’ve never done so, do a little digging into where your family comes from and take time to learn about the cultures and journeys that make up your family history.

If you have a partner, include them in learning about not only your family and heritage, but theirs. In doing so, you can create a bond of understanding and appreciate each other’s history. There are many great genealogy resources out there that can help you get started and keep track of whatever treasures you may find.

Learn About Someone Else

When you see a difference in the way your friend, co-worker, or significant other does something, be it celebrating a holiday, cooking cuisine or handling conflict, be willing to learn about why they do what they do and where that difference comes from. You may find your eyes are opened to something beautiful and unique and, if nothing else, you will be have a fuller appreciation for and understanding of why the difference exists and how to handle any obstacles it may present.

Practice Inclusivity

Whether it’s going out of your way to welcome new neighbors or extending the party invite beyond your normal group, including those different from you can lead to new and deepened friendships and create a ripple of kindness that can extend well beyond what you may ever see.

By practicing inclusivity, you are giving yourself and others a chance to not only meet new people, but make others feel welcomed.

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