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Teen To Teen: Mission Possible: Love Yourself, Love Your Body

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Authored by: Elizabeth Petruso

Teen To Teen is a series of blogs written by teen authors for teens on topics that matter most to them. Please Note: “Teen to Teen” should be considered peer to peer advice and support. It is not given in place of professional consult or care.

Whether you are a size one or a size 13, 5’1” or 6’2” you are beautiful in a unique way, in which no one else can be. 

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Social media shares the idea that being skinny and tall is the equivalent of being beautiful. Still, this idea is far from the truth. So what is considered the “perfect,” beautiful body? The simple answer is all of them! This false depiction of the “perfect body” from social media has been circulating through our feeds and implanted in our minds, providing us with harmful, self-conscious thoughts. 

The real beauty of our bodies is found in the differences. If we were all the same, there wouldn’t be anything special about any of us. We need to love our amazing bodies and not worry about comparing them to others because no one has the identical qualities of your body. 

Support Others In Their Journey For Body Positivity

Unlike social media’s idea of the “perfect body,” the real way to have a perfect body is to feel good in your skin. Even when we strive for body positivity, we will all still have days when it is hard to love our bodies and all of their flaws. These days of weakness are completely fine. We are not meant to be perfect. 

body positivityWhen it’s hard to look in the mirror and say, “I am beautiful,” support fellow women in their journey towards self-love and body positivity. Everyone is struggling in their way, which is why it is so important to encourage others in their progress and not compare ourselves. 

Last year I lost about 5 pounds in a short amount of time due to stress and anxiety. The sudden weight loss scared me. When I told people about it, they would comment, saying, “Are you kidding? I wish I could lose that much weight. You are so skinny.” But when I looked in the mirror, I didn’t feel skinny; I felt sickly. 

“Fat” & “Skinny” Is Subjective

The idea of being “skinny” or “fat” is entirely subjective. Someone who weighs 100 pounds can feel fat after eating a huge meal or eating unhealthy. A woman weighing 170 pounds can feel skinny after working out or buying a new flattering outfit. In fact, did you know that there are women who look “skinny” but can weigh 140 pounds or more? So don’t always believe those BMI charts as they are simply a quick way to calculate your BMI but don’t take into consideration your actual health.

Therefore we cannot compare our bodies to others because we are all on our journey. Losing five pounds will mean different things to different people. The goal is not to all be the same weight or the same height but to feel good in our bodies. Cheer on women as they advance in their journey but don’t compare their progress to your own because you are moving at your own pace.

Body positivity is a journey. It is not something that can change overnight. Therefore, do not feel discouraged if you wake up one day and don’t feel beautiful when you look in the mirror. Remind yourself of your true worth. You can conquer today and every day. 

Remember: You are unique. You are where you need to be on your journey. Take life one day at a time. You can love your body as it is today. Your worth is not defined by your weight. You determine your worth. Your body is perfect the way it is. You are enough. You are beautiful.

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