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Stress-Free Staycation Ideas For You & Your Family

It’s no secret that vacations can be stressful – the planning, traveling, and managing of your family’s schedule and budget can leave you feeling stressed and frazzled, making you dream of a week at home. Instead, why not take that week at home instead in the form of a staycation?

Whether you are on a budget or just prefer to relax at home this summer, there are many stress-free staycation ideas you and your family can enjoy.

Go Backyard Camping

If your family likes to camp but doesn’t want the stress of traveling to an out-of-town campsite or you just want to try something new, backyard camping is a great alternative. Your family can grill out and make fun, traditional camping snacks like s’mores, as well as set up a tent and sleep under the stars.

Another benefit of camping in your backyard? You have the familiar setting of your home in case the weather gets bad or your kids want to go inside. It’s also a great way to practice camping skills, like pitching a tent and cooking over the fire.

Visit Local Attractions

There are many local attractions that you and your family can visit in your area. Take the day to play tourist and visit your local museums, shops, and parks. It’s a good opportunity to discover new parts of your community and support local businesses.

Have A Movie Night

No matter who you are, sometimes you just want to stay in. Plan a family movie night with your family’s favorite movies. To make the night extra fun and comfy, you can set up your living room with sleeping bags and blankets. You can also make fun snacks like popcorn with different topping options, such as pizza flavored and peanut butter and jelly. If your kids have a bedtime, you can make the night extra special by allowing them to stay up a little later.

Go To The Pool

Need to beat the heat? Going to your local pool is a fun way to cool off and get some exercise. Don’t have a local pool close by? No problem! Your hose and a sprinkler can cool you and your family off and lets you play fun sprinkler games. But remember, as with any outdoor activity, have your family slather on the sunscreen to avoid sunburns.

Take A Hike

If you live close to a national park, it’s a great opportunity to take your family hiking and enjoy being outdoors. There are many easy, family-friendly trails available, so you don’t have to worry about the trail being too long or difficult.

Remember to have your family wear weather appropriate clothing and comfortable, sturdy shoes like tennis shoes or hiking boots. It’s also a good idea to bring some portable snacks and water in case your family gets hungry or thirsty.

Take The Day Off

Who says you have to do anything or go anywhere during your staycation? Having you and your family take the day off is a great way to relax at home with no expectations. Make meals the day before that you can easily reheat so you don’t have to cook and make cleanup easier.

For activities, you and your family can read, play board games, and just enjoy the quiet. Limit your family’s social media and technology use to reduce stress and spend quality time together.

Vacations are fun, but everyone knows they are never as relaxing as they seem when you are looking forward to them. A staycation, however, can be just as enjoyable while limiting the amount of stress on you and your family.

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