“Was I the right kind of person to go to Birthright?”: Hayden’s story

This is my Birthright story…

I found out I was pregnant with my son. It was completely unexpected to us both but we took it as a sign that it was meant to be and were excited none the less. At the time I had no doctor, no insurance and nothing planned for another addition to our family. On June 27th my daughter Mya and I were out shopping for birthday presents for her dad when we were t boned by an EMT vehicle. Neither of us were hurt, but it was still upsetting and it totaled my car. The experience was one of the scariest things to live through. In that split moment I didn’t know if I was ok, if my daughter was okay, if my unborn baby was affected or what was even to come after this accident.

Around that same time I received word that my landlord was selling our building and that a large company would be buying our home. Another unexpected situation. We received notification that we had a short time to decide to a either leave our home of 3+ years or stay but they were increasing our rent by $400.

It all hit me so fast. I didn’t know what to do or what to tackle first. Then a light bulb clicked one day that a friend had told me to go to Birthright for help. I couldn’t grasp if it was what was really right. I had to ask myself as the days and weeks went on if I really needed this kind of support. I was not sure that someone like myself was even the type of person that should contact Birthright Was I really in need? You know I’m thinking “I’m a 30 year old woman like I should have my life more together than this… maybe they aren’t the right place for me.”

I took a leap of faith and scheduled my first appointment. That first day I was so nervous. I didn’t want someone judging me. I also didn’t want to seem like I couldn’t take care of my children.
From that first appointment the women at birthright were always in my corner in so many more ways I couldn’t even imagine. From just sitting with me and my daughter who they happily told me to invite along, and listening to me and hearing me. It did not matter if I needed to talk about my emotions and feelings as a pregnant woman or helping me just get my life scheduled how I needed to they were always there. My counselor validated me and understood that I truly was in a bind and they were there to help. I didn’t need to feel scared or worried about needing direction & support. They even sent my daughter home with a toy which we still have today.

Birthright helped me look for housing options and even helped with part of the deposit on a new place for my family. They paid for my first co pay at my first doctors app for my son so I could start my prenatal care. I did not even ask them to do that because all I wanted was help getting in contact with the same doctor that helped me deliver my daughter. During one of my visits they even sent me home with a gift card for groceries.

From time to time they’d text me just to see if I was ok. How I was. How the pregnancy was going. There were times that my anxiety and emotions wouldn’t even allow me to message back. But even if I replied weeks later, they were still there like nothing else mattered. As someone who’s struggled with anxiety for a long time one of the best feelings is someone letting me feel ok with not responding constantly.

That November I had my son about a month earlier than expected. Though it saddened me due to financial and mental circumstances we didn’t get to have a baby shower for my son. However, Birthright gifted me a large bag of new stuff for him as well as an emotional care package for my own self-care.

Fast forward to today. I have never been happier than I am now.
From getting a new car. To a new town home. To my son completing our family. Birthright St. Charles put me back on a successful road to be able to get to where I am right now. I encourage any woman no matter what point they are at in life to look to them if you are feeling lost and not sure what steps to take next. Birthright St. Charles will always mean something special to me for how they were there in one of the most hectic times of my life. Through this experience with them I’ve learned to not be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone, dial back, and search for the silver lining.

Birthright was my silver lining.
Thank you,


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