What Is The Heaven & Earth Club?

The Heaven & Earth Club is composed of very special people and organizations who are dedicated to ‘moving Heaven and Earth’ so that every mother can have her baby and every baby can be born. You, your family friends, or group can sponsor a Birthright Client and her baby for the duration of her pregnancy. Specifically this can be done by praying for these precious people and by providing for some of their needs through the donation of as little as $50-$100 a month for nine months.

How Does It Work?

Once you make the decision to join the Heaven & Earth Club and decide the amount of your monthly donation, a Birthright client will be matched with you or your group. Please note that because of the pledge of Confidentiality we make to our clients, an assumed name will be given to this woman and her baby. A monthly report outlining her needs and progress will be sent to you as well as an announcement of the arrival of her baby along with a small sign of your loving generosity suitable for display.