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Empowered Women in Every Age

By: Sheri Petruso MSW, LCSW

Women are Strong. Women are Fierce.

Throughout history, women have often been underestimated, but today it is clear women have shaped the world. Even before the fight for the right to vote, to today’s working moms, women have served crucial roles in history- breaking barriers, fighting for injustice to improve society, and challenging the status quo.

Follow our series of social media posts this month as we highlight women who, throughout history, have shown their strength, overcome obstacles, and paved the way for all of us today.

Examples of Empowered Women Throughout History

Susan B Anthony helped create the suffrage movement that led to the 19th Amendment allowing women to vote and have a voice in politics and beyond.

Madam CJ Walker, portrayed by Netflix “Self-Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker,” who’s self-promotion as a young, single mother in the late 1800s to become a manufacturing business owner making her America’s 1st black female millionaire.

Serena Williams is considered the greatest woman tennis pro of all time. Winner of 23 Grand Slam singles titles and three Olympic gold medals, she inspires future tennis hopefuls. Outside of the tennis world, she is a mother, a fashion designer, a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF International, and so on.

Originally from Puerto Rico, Rita Moreno worked to show her true talent in film & dance, along with her heritage, winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, becoming the first Hispanic woman ever to win this award & still acting/directing today – “Westside Story,” “80 for Brady.”

These women were proud to be women who embraced the unique qualities they brought to their presence. They wanted to be women – with their voice, strength, and value. We know women can be and do anything they want because we work at it daily. We are shattering the glass ceiling, and our opportunities are endless. We can run a business, be Olympians, serve the people in our communities, and serve in the military. We have and are making breakthroughs in science, art, music, politics – every facet of society.

Birthright St. Charles Can Help You Realize Your Goals

At Birthright St. Charles, we know pregnancy doesn’t have to be an obstacle to achieving greatness- it only enhances what you already can do. Some may say being a mom is too hard or challenging, which may feel truer on some days than others, but when have women shied away from a challenge? As women, we have stood up throughout history and taken on challenges only to reach a new level of strength.

We have found a way to nurture and care, but when needed can also be a protective “Mama Bear.” It’s a special type of balance that only women can bring to relationships. Birthright St. Charles is here to remind you, support you, and believe in you to do just that.

So, head up – deep breath – set your goals – demand respect and make your mark on history.

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