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mother's day

Mom, the Unstoppable Force

By: Jami McDermott, Outreach Coordinator

Ah, Mother’s Day – that time of year when we officially recognize the all-powerful women living among us: moms. But let’s not get too sappy; instead, let’s celebrate the rollercoaster ride that is motherhood, complete with its ups, downs, and sideways loops!


Mother’s Day is for Moms

Who are these moms – these masters of schedules – these innovators of last-minute school projects – these multi-tasking wizards? Seriously, who else could wrangle a swarm of unruly kids into some kind of order every single day? It’s like they’ve got a secret superpower for keeping chaos at bay. Breakfast at 7, school drop-off at 8, soccer practice at 4, and bedtime at 8:30 – all while running a household, keeping everyone fed, and maybe even holding down a job. Do you need four dozen cupcakes for tomorrow morning’s bake sale? Move over, Buddy Valastro; Mom’s got this!

And let’s talk about challenges. Nothing fazes a mom. Lost homework? No problem, it’s in the dog’s stomach. Is the sink overflowing with dishes? Just call it modern art. Moms face each hurdle with the kind of determination that would make Devynne Charlton proud. Bring on the spilled milk, the temper tantrums, and the mystery stains – Mom’s got a stain remover and a sense of humor that could raise the spirits of a clown.

Can anyone surpass these qualities of love, patience, and tenderness? Who else will adorn themselves with a macaroni necklace and wear it like they were the crown jewels, or give up her Louis Vuitton sunglasses to a twirling little 5-year-old in high heels? Lipstick, jewels, and perfume can’t match the beauty that is inside the average mom.

But seriously, friends, let’s talk about commitment. Moms don’t just give 100%; they give 110%, 120%, heck, they’ll give you the whole darn cake and then some! They’ll move mountains, part seas, and maybe even negotiate peace treaties between warring siblings, all in the name of giving their kids the best darn life possible. Barriers? Limits? Please, those are just speed bumps on Mom’s highway to greatness.


Here’s to You, Mom

So here’s to you, Mom, the unsung hero of every household. May your coffee be strong, your naps be plentiful, and your kids’ appreciation be as abundant as their dirty laundry. Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who juggles more balls than a circus clown and still manages to keep a smile on her face. You’re a legend, Mom – never forget it! In honor of your special day, here are a few Mother’s Day anecdotes to make you smile.

  • My son, the youngest of 7, was in the third grade. His class was chosen to give the Mother’s Day tribute after the all-school Mass. All of the third-grade moms were sitting in the first few pews. Each student had a turn at the microphone to say why their mom was the best mom ever. “She helps me with my homework,” “She fixes my hair every morning,” and “She taught me how to ride a bike.” Now my darling son steps up to the mic and says, “My mom takes me to the doctor, reads books to me…..and plunges the toilet”. I was horrified, but my friends sitting all around me thought it was hilarious. Happy Mother’s Day to all the hard-working, loving moms out there! Molly R
  • When my children were young, their grandmother gave them money to walk down to the florist and buy flowers for me. They joyfully took on this task and ran down the street, chattering about the possibilities. They returned with smiles. I will never forget them holding a floral saddle for a grave that read, “We love you!”


Contact Birthright

If you find yourself with an unexpected pregnancy “gift” this Mother’s Day, reach out to Birthright to help you keep all those balls in the air. Let Birthright be your safety net with free pregnancy tests, professional counseling, and resources. You got this, Mom – we’re here to help!

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