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Movie Review: Lifemark

Authormovie review: Jami McDermott

Movies provide all types of entertainment for all personalities.  Like most, my interests have evolved throughout the years.  I have enjoyed all genres, but soon you begin to recognize the storyline and look for movies to do more than startle your senses.

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Recently, I saw the movie Lifemark with Kirk Cameron, and I was pleasantly surprised as the audience is taken through the true life experiences of people connected by adoption.  It gave insight into a world I thought I understood but clearly didn’t, for how can anyone know the panic that arises in people’s minds when they discover an unplanned pregnancy or the pain of a birth mother leaving a medical facility without her child in her arms?

The producers use a series of flashbacks to gain insight into each member of this extended family’s life and the parents’ lives at different points.  We meet the young birth parents as they struggle with the life-altering choices surrounding an unplanned pregnancy.  The heartaches felt as they set out on one path only to change their minds and go in another direction.

The adoptive parents’ lives are opened to us during a time of loss and disappointment after a family tragedy and failed attempts at parenthood.  They struggle to keep the hope of receiving a child alive while living with the chance that the birth mother may change her mind and keep her baby—a joyful occasion for one and a heartbreaking one for the other.

The heart of this story is found in the son David who seems to be the typical teenage boy.  He is adventurous, smart, and very happy in his life.  He opens himself to meeting his biological parents and discovering “What my life could be like…” while learning what “adopted” truly means.

This is a story of compassion, hope, and restoration.  It touched my heart at every turn showing me the courage and strength it takes for a mother (and father) to walk through this type of trial.

Lives are changed forever.  There will be pain, but life is lived, and love always overcomes.

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