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Birthright: Why Our Priority Is Compassionate Care

Life is hard. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations we did not plan. The last thing we need when we find ourselves in tight spots is judgment! Instead, we need kindness and support. We need open-mindedness and a listening ear.

Birthright St. Charles supports women, all women, no matter her circumstances

At Birthright of St. Charles, the woman is in control of how she uses the services we offer. She decides how much or little support she needs. Some of our clients have an excellent support system of family and friends. For these clients, our counselors and volunteers are just another part of their safety net.

For other clients, our staff are the only people in the client’s life to show compassion, listen without judgement, and provide practical support.

Our FREE services include:

An unplanned pregnancy can be utterly overwhelming to a woman, especially without the support of loved ones. Our professional and educated staff can help her explore her options and provide accurate information so she can make the best decision for her, an informed choice.

She, along with her counselor, can discuss all options available to her and how each choice will impact her life going forward. The counselor’s job is to support and provide accurate information on all of the client’s options. The woman makes the decision; her life, her plan.

The client is the expert on her own life, and she gets to decide what the best choice for her life is.

The counselor is there to listen and remind her to take a breath. She is not required to make a decision immediately. Counseling sessions can provide the time and space needed for her to discuss what life, now and in the future, will look like based on the choice she makes. Her care is always confidential to ensure her safety and peace of mind.

No matter what choice a woman makes, we are here to provide the support she needs. We understand that this can be a difficult decision to make.  Regardless of what she decides for her pregnancy, we care about her as an individual. We’re here for her for as long as she decides how long she would like to continue receiving our support.

If you or someone you know is pregnant, please see us. Walk-ins are always welcome.

Birthright meets each woman where she is to lock arms with her as she decides what is best for her and her child.

We are here! We want to listen!

No judgment, only compassion.

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