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Confidential Care & What That Means For You

At Birthright of St. Charles, one of our top priorities in the care that we provide is ensuring the confidentiality of our clients. One common definition of confidential is “having another’s trust”.

To the staff and volunteer staff of Birthright, nothing could be more important than providing our clients with care that makes them feel validated, comfortable, and trusting of our ability and willingness to help and care for them while keeping their confidence and privacy safe.

Working Hard To Keep You Safe

We understand that a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy and the surrounding circumstances may have her wish to keep the news of her pregnancy private. Even, in some instances, from family members.

In some cases, this type of confidentiality works to guarantee the woman’s physical safety. In other instances, it merely ensures that she is able to mentally work through the process of making decisions on a timeline and in an environment that is most comfortable to her.

We work hard to ensure counselor-client confidentiality in all aspects of the support of our clients, including receiving verbal and written permission to identify ourselves as Birthright St. Charles when contacting clients via phone or text message.

We never provide information regarding a client to anyone, regardless of their relation to the client, unless explicit permission to share that information has been received from the client herself.

Birthright Guarantees Your Right To Privacy

In a day and age where even personal information is often accessible via the internet, we prioritize the protection of our clients’ privacy because we believe that privacy is her absolute right. Each and every client we serve is deserving of the preservation of her dignity and freedom and absolutely worthy of any and all support that we can provide.

So what does this mean for you? As a Birthright client, we will work with you to help you make informed decisions and support you along the way, and you can rest assured that the level of confidentiality you require and are comfortable with is decided by you and you alone. Even if you are 16, we will always help you with or without a friend or family member present and keep your information private unless you give us your written permission.

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