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Finding the Right Pregnancy Resource Center For Your Needs

When a woman learns she is facing a crisis or unplanned pregnancy, one of the first questions she may find herself facing is “Where can I turn for help?” In Missouri alone, there are hundreds of resources available, from financial assistance to maternity shelters to pregnancy resource centers such as Birthright. Deciding which resources is the ‘right fit’ for her can understandably be an overwhelming decision.

Below are some criteria to take into consideration when choosing a Pregnancy Resource Center, as well as the ways that Birthright St. Charles works to meet these base standards of care for each of the women that we serve:

Will They Provide Medically Accurate & Honest Information About All Of My Options?

At Birthright, we understand that you have many choices when it comes to your body and your pregnancy.  We want you to be completely informed about all of your choices, specifically: parenting, adoption, or abortion.

We can provide information and materials from medical resources as well as those in the community and help connect you to additional resources that will provide optimal care. We are more than willing to have an open conversation addressing your questions regarding any of your options. We believe that with accurate and honest information, you will be better equipped to make an informed decision.

Will They Permit Me To Have Others With Me During My Visit (Boyfriend, Family, Etc.)?

At Birthright, we encourage you to bring whomever you are comfortable with to the appointment. While your pregnancy test results may be given to you confidentially, you are the one to ultimately decide who joins the appointment from that point forward.

Will They Prioritize My Confidentiality?

Your confidentiality is a top priority to Birthright. We understand that this may be a difficult and sensitive time for you and it is our goal to make you as comfortable as possible. From the time of the first call or appointment we ask whether we can identify ourselves as “Birthright” when calling or texting you.

We cannot and will not confirm or deny you as our client to any outside source. We only share information about you and your situation with those whom you’ve given us permission to do so.

Do They Have Licensed Professionals On Staff Who Will Be Able To Answer Any Questions I Have?

At Birthright, we offer every woman that comes through our doors the opportunity to confidentally meet one on one with a master’s level, licensed social worker who has the education, experience and knowledge to address the many issues related to an untimely pregnancy.  They are well educated in accessing different resources, medical care and practical and emotional needs, even sometimes those not directly related to the pregnancy.

Our counselors are here to listen to your specific concerns and needs and look for solutions with you. The licensed staff develops a team approach with you and your designated phone support volunteer to efficiently work to find answers to your questions. If they are not able to directly answer your question, they will work to find a credible resource that can.

Will They Refrain From Judging Me & Pressuring Me In Any Way?

Our goal at Birthright is to support you as a valued, independent woman facing a difficult or complicated situation. You have a tough decision to make and we recognize exactly that.

This is your decision and your future.

Your decision today will impact your tomorrow. Birthright does not benefit in any way based on the decision you make, whatever that may be. We understand that this is only one part of who you are and want to accept and support the whole you. We want to offer the information and knowledge you need to make an informed decision you feel you can live with.

Will They Work To Successfully Connect Me To Community Resources That Will Meet My Needs?

Birthright’s approach to serving you is “client-centered, client directed”, meaning the services and information we provide and the way we provide support varies for each client based on her unique needs and individual situation.

We work hand-in-hand-hand with you to address your specific needs. If and when we are unable to directly meet the need you have, we work closely and strategically with other organizations in the community to help provide for those needs. Whether it’s navigating insurance, educational or housing needs/assistance, where to find food or household supplies, furniture, employment, medical or psychiatric care – our masters level social workers are able to address your practical and emotional needs through holistic care.

Remember: You deserve quality care and authentic support, no matter your situation.

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