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Paying It Forward With Diaper Days

Birthright St. CharlesIn light of the challenges presented by COVID-19 over the past year and to support and reconnect with our community, the staff of Birthright St. Charles has instituted “Diaper Days” to pay it forward to pregnant and parenting families in need. We hope to help more families while also developing relationships, sharing our services, and bringing an extra smile to those who attend.

What Is The Diaper Days Event?

Diaper Days runs each Friday from 10-12 through August 6th at our office. Pregnant and parenting families in need are welcome to stop by at any point during that time frame; no appointment is necessary. Upon arriving, guests fill out a quick sign-in sheet to let us know what diaper size they need and if there are any siblings or older children in the home who would like to be gifted free books for summer reading in addition to those given for the baby. Each person goes home with a pack of diapers, a pack of wipes, and a book bag of books; compliments of Books for Newborns.

Families are welcome to attend more than once while supplies last!

Thank You To All Of Our Supporters!

We’ve had the great privilege of hosting 3 of these giveaway days, and in the words of our Executive Director: “It’s been great to see new faces and share more about our services whether in person or through the QR code attached to the wipes. So far, we’ve mostly helped families that were new to the Birthright St. Charles family, some requesting to stay connected through our blogs, some requesting ongoing services, and all thankful and appreciative of Diaper Days.”

We are so grateful for the generosity of supporters and donors who allow us to serve and empower families in our community. As we celebrate our 40th year of serving the greater St. Charles community, we are confident that now more than ever is a time to come together, collaborate and give generously. Please feel free to share the word about Diaper Days with friends, families, clients, and community members. We’re here to hear you!

Event Details

When: Each Friday from 10 a.m.-12 p.m., July 16th through August 6th

Where: 2125 Bluestone Manor Dr. St. Charles, MO 633676

Want To Help Pay It Forward & Support The Community?

Volunteer Or Donate At Birthright St. Charles

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