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What Is Home-Based Support & How Can It Benefit Me?

At Birthright of St. Charles, we support our clients in a number of ways from providing free, medically approved pregnancy testing to assisting with the many practical needs that come along with pregnancy. One such service which we are blessed to offer is a form of home-based support, also known as Field Service.

Field Service provides our clients with the unique opportunity to experience ongoing support within the comfort of their own homes or a public location convenient to them.

What Does Home-Based Support Entail?

Clients who request Field Service or whose counselor suggests it as part of their care will receive regular home visits from a highly trained and deeply supportive member of the Birthright Volunteer Staff. This volunteer then becomes a part of her support circle by providing an emphatic listening ear and offering emotional and practical support where needed. Some of the needs that can be addressed during these home care visits include:

We Work With You On Your Schedule

The home visit is done at a scheduled appointment time made in coordination with the Field Service Volunteer and the client’s schedule. Like all of our other services, home-based support is free, confidential and client-centered, meaning you can choose how often or how little you wish to have home visits.

Visits typically take place in the last few months of pregnancy, but the regularity and timing of home visits is ultimately determined on a case by case basis between you and your counselor. There is no time limit to the visit; our volunteers are there to listen and support, to provide advice and feedback from their own life experiences as mothers and to simply remind each client that she is not alone. During one of their visits, our volunteers also hand-deliver a package of goodies to our clients that include diapers, wipes and other childcare necessities.

What Our Volunteers Have To Say

One of our volunteers trained in Field Service, Patty Rosenbaum, who has been with Birthright for 9 years, shares her personal insight into our field service program:

“During our home visits to our clients, we laugh, we cry, we hug, we talk—we listen. Clients may tell us of their fears and concerns and we try to help them work through these things and regain a sense of control.

I recall a particular visit to a client of ours who was renting a mobile home that needed repair: The refrigerator had broken and the doors were just tied close. With a small child and one on the way, she was in need of a better way to provide food for her family.

I experienced and was exposed to the stress of her living conditions and knew we could do more to help her. I reported the need to another Birthright Staff person who advocated for her needs with the landlord and got the refrigerator fixed.

It truly brings me joy to see a mom previously so stressed take a deep breath and relax after being able to share her feelings about the day to day worries and trials and be heard on all levels. This is exactly what we are here for: To help bring them through difficult situations and validate that life can be difficult, while encouraging them to keep going and hold fast to hope!”

We are glad to be able to offer this home-based support to the women that we serve in our efforts to serve the entirety of their person. If you are a potential or current client who feels she could use some extra support (or know someone in need), please do not hesitate to call our office and set up and appointment to speak to your counselor about the possibility of Field Service as a part of your care plan. It is our goal to secure the mental, physical and emotional health of each of our clients and to flood them with whatever support they may need each step of the way.

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