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Teen To Teen: Gifting Hacks For Gift Givers on a Budget

gift hacksBy Maria Klassen, Teen to Teen Contributor

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The holiday season is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but sometimes the stress of gift shopping can cause a whole lot of headaches. If you’re looking for some ways to show your loved ones you care without breaking the bank, take advantage of these nifty gift ideas and saving hacks.

Bake Your Way To Their Hearts

If you’re looking for a way to make someone’s Christmas a little sweeter, baking may be the way to go. Whether you’re a master chef or just an amateur, the Internet is full of handy dandy recipes for Christmas sweets and treats.

Making cookies, peppermint bark, or any one of the thousands of other delicious desserts is a cheap and fun way to brighten someone’s season while also expanding your own cooking repertoire. Even better, invite some friends over to bake with you, put on some holiday tunes, and enjoy a cozy winter day together.

Write “Open when…” Letters

If you feel less than confident in your baking skills, you might enjoy a more personal idea. For that someone in your life who deserves some extra inspiration, spend some time writing letters to their future self.

You could write letters for them to open when they’re feeling sad, excited, stressed, confused and muchg more! These personalized letters for them to open whenever they need are a beautiful way to show someone that you are there for them in every mood.

Play To Your Strengths

If you have any kind of crafty hobby, this is a perfect time to practice your talents! Handmade gifts can be by far the most touching. Your loved ones would be thrilled to receive something that you clearly put time and love into making, something that can remind them of you every time they see it.

Cozy Christmas Gifts

Maybe none of these gifting options sound right to you. That’s ok!

Winter is a great time to find some cheap and cute items that are a necessity for staying warm and cheerful in this sometimes dreary season. Fuzzy socks can be found at practically any store, and can come as cheap as a dollar a pair. Throw in some chocolate, a candy cane, and maybe a travel sized bottle of lotion for the perfect Christmas gift that every girl will enjoy.

Spend Quality Time With Loved Ones

Sometimes a physical gift just isn’t the way to go. Christmas break is the perfect opportunity to spread some cheer and show someone you care about them. Invite someone over and be ready with the popcorn and hot chocolate. Pop in your favorite Christmas movies and have a holiday marathon to start off your season right.

To finish off your day, you could even turn on the radio and drive around some local neighborhoods to marvel at the Christmas lights. Spending the day making the most of the chilly weather and cheerful season could be the best gift of all.

Even with a limited budget, there are plenty of ways for you to show people that you care this Christmas. Not every dream gift has to come with a massive price tag. More than anything, your love and your time are what will mean the most to your family and friends and truly make this season one to remember.

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