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Teens Voice: What Father’s Day Means

Authors: Jack, Claire and Mary Kate

Three local high school students recently completed a service project with Birthright St. Charles. One of their assignments was to write a blog post for Father’s Day. Today, we share their thoughts on what Father’s Day means to them.


Dads have the potential to have influence and play an extremely large role in their families and their children’s lives. This important role starts early on. 

A lot of people believe that the only important role in a pregnancy is the mom. However, the role of a father is just as important. They’re the strongest support system a mom could have. Knowing that the father has their back in this situation, the mom creates comfort for the mother. They also can be a big decision factor in how the mom explores her pregnancy options. If a father accepts the baby into his life, it can give the mom a support system to fall back on. Fathers can influence what happens from their child’s conception through their childhood and into their adult lives. 

“Father’s Day is about acknowledging my dad and all that he does for me and our family each and every day.”


Dads can fill many different roles.

They consider themselves sports coaches, garden and lawn masters, handymen, craftsmen and many other titles they feel entitled to. In all seriousness, dads are the main reason why families are as strong as they are. They make decisions that may be hard for others because they know the rest of their family has their backs. Even though sometimes it seems we are annoyed at them, deep inside, we love them and appreciate what they do for the family.

Dads are prone to starting projects around the house and fixing things.  Whether it’s finishing the basement, building a playground in the backyard or fixing a leaky pipe or the toilet it’s almost as if they have superpowers and can identify a problem before it even occurs. Dads also have a knack for being a lawn expert and handle cutting the grass, putting fertilizer down and many other things.

When it comes to sports, dads act like they know it all. They tend to be your biggest fans and, at the same time, your biggest critic. After games, they usually have a long talk with you about what you did and what they would do if they were you. However, they do give you valuable information that leads to a life lesson that you can take into adulthood. Their opinions should be respected. Dads return this respect and love back to their children. For me, there is nothing better than seeing my dad at my track meet or going to see him after a game.

Many dads often feel they don’t do enough to help the family. As a result, they often try doing more things to please the family.


Their main mission is to make us happy, which is the key to making Dad happy.

In conclusion, Father’s Day is a time to celebrate all the wonderful things dads do for their families. Claire, Mary Kate, and Jack remind us that dads are there to support, love, and help us in so many ways. Whether it’s cheering us on at a sports event, being a rock during tough times, or taking on various roles to keep the family running smoothly, dads make a big difference. This Father’s Day, let’s take a moment to appreciate and thank our dads for all they do to make our lives better.


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