Free Pregnancy Services in St. Charles Area



You have questions. You need more Information. You need compassionate support. You need to be heard.

Birthright St. Charles understands the factors that you may be facing or may be impacting your current pregnancy situation. You may just need to know if you really are pregnant. We know this can bring a mix of feelings and questions.

That’s why ALL of the services provided by Birthright St. Charles are CONFIDENTIAL & AT NO COST TO YOU.

Pregnancy Testing

  • Medically approved pregnancy testing provided in a comfortable, home-like setting that is 99% accurate just 7-10 days from your suspected conception date – that means you don’t even have to wait for a missed period. One of our knowledgeable counselors will provide your test results confidentially and listen to your initial thoughts and feelings about it.

Professional Counseling

  • Master’s level professional counseling that is able to address all of your PREGNANCY OPTIONS, as well as your personal goals and needs. We know you are more than a pregnancy which is why we can also address issues such as relationship concerns, anxiety, depression, previous pregnancy loss or complications and any other areas of concern. We can provide individual, couples or family counseling based on your request. We believe you have value, purpose and the strengths & abilities to find solutions.

Professional Medical Services

  • Collaboration & medical services with OB/GYN professionals including the provision of medically accurate and secure ultrasounds. Sometimes you just need to know how far along you are & discuss all of your medical, pregnancy related questions with a caring, supportive medical professional. Birthright St. Charles can assist with scheduling a comprehensive, medical ultrasound.

Ongoing Support System

  • Regular follow-up and contact, with your approval, for ongoing support and encouragement so you know you don’t face this alone – we’re here to help – no matter your situation – no matter your decision. We’re here to add to your support system as much or as little as you would like.

Connections to Resources

Financial Assistance

  • Practical, and possible financial assistance when available/needed. We know that “life” continues to happen despite a new pregnancy. We want to help address the whole you – that could mean help with medical expenses, education assistance, rent, utilities etc.

Our client-centered approach ensures that you are never fit into a program – YOUR needs determine what services are provided to you.

Together with our counselors and support staff, we’re here to provide services just the way you need them. Afterall, its’s Your Life. Your Plan.

Our women truly feel supported by our counselors and staff and they know Birthright is with them “Today…Tomorrow…Together”


Common Adoption Types

  • Open Adoption

  • Semi-open Adoption

  • Closed Adoption

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