You think you may be pregnant, but you are not sure. You understand some of your options but want to be better informed before making a decision that will have such pervasive impact on your life going forward. You’ve done a little research, talked to a few people, and have decided to come to Birthright to get the information you need.

Here’s what you can expect on your first visit to Birthright:

Free Pregnancy Testing

Your first visit to Birthright is to confirm whether or not you’re pregnant. If you think that you are pregnant and come in for a free pregnancy test, you’ll be surprised how easy it is. Almost everyone who comes in for the first time will get a free and confidential pregnancy test. This test is urine-based, so no blood will be drawn and you can expect results in just a few minutes. A professional licensed counselor will give you the results and the documentation you may need to get insurance and referrals to other resources.

Confidential, Individual Counseling

Pursuing professional counseling is normal and healthy, especially if you are unsure about your options and need answers. When you come to Birthright, our counselors will meet with you one on one in private and discuss with you:

  • What your family situation is
  • What support you have
  • What financial resources are available to you
  • How you feel about being pregnant, either now or in the future

After you have discussed these with your counselor, they will help you explore your options. Our counselors understand that you may be experiencing significant anxiety and will help you identify ways to alleviate your concerns. This same counselor will meet with you throughout your pregnancy as often as you need to keep everything under control and on track and to ensure you are staying healthy and doing well.

Follow-up visits and phone calls will also be discussed with you. If you ever want to set up an appointment or ask a question about one of our many services, feel free to text us.

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