When you walk into Birthright of St. Charles, many supportive services are offered to you. Counseling is a FREE valuable and meaningful service that Birthright is pleased to provide to a woman facing a pregnancy. This service is provided in a welcoming way to each pregnant woman without the obligation or commitment to pay back through time or services to Birthright in any way. The counselors are truly here for you, the client.

The amount of counseling provided is determined jointly between you and the counselor. You can schedule to come in as often or as little as you need. Counseling can take place weekly, biweekly, monthly. It’s up to you and the counselor. The setting of the counseling appointments is in a comfortable, home-like, private office. What is shared in the session is kept confidential, except for general details necessary for the Birthright Director to document services rendered. The length of the session can range from 15 minutes to 45 minutes depending on the need being addressed.

Life Circumstances

Often, when facing a pregnancy, the pregnancy isn’t the only factor in your life that you are trying to juggle. Many circumstances can be in play when a woman is facing a pregnancy, especially an unplanned pregnancy. You may be experiencing pregnancy for the first time and have the expected concern and confusion coupled with anxious excitement. You may be facing your second, third or more child and anxious about how you’ll manage. You may fear the reaction of others. You may feel you are alone and isolated… Whatever the circumstance, you may need reassurance, education, guidance and support to feel you can take the next right step for you.

When you are still in the decision process of the pregnancy, counseling serves the purpose of offering clear, non-judgmental information about your options. The counselor can review the information with you and then empower you to utilize your strengths and current supports to make a decision. Birthright understands that this is a life-changing decision and one that should be considered carefully. A quick decision based on emotion, fear or panic may not end in the result you had hoped for. Birthright counselors will never try to push you or make this decision for you. The best advice is to take your time to consider your options.

Reasons for Counseling

If a woman is accepting of the pregnancy, there may still be reason for counseling. The stress of the pregnancy, the emotional health as well as the physical well-being of the client can intensify current issues or bring up those from the past. Birthright counselors are all master’s level professionals with extensive background experience in women’s issues, family therapy, addiction and abuse, child therapy. Examples of topics that may be addressed in the individual counseling sessions are stress management, anger management, relationship issues, safety planning, communication skills, parenting, coordination of services, abuse, mental health issues, addiction, and problem solving.

Birthright counselors offer a team-like approach to the client. They work with you on your goals and needs. They genuinely care about you. They want to help in any way they can so that although you may enter Birthright scared, confused and alone, you leave feeling hopeful, informed and supported.