Education concept: New Skills on puzzle backgroundYour education is important.

Birthright of St. Charles doesn’t want an unplanned pregnancy to be the reason you can’t meet your educational goals. We believe that you can still continue and/or complete your education. We understand that this concern can be a major factor and stressor in your decision-making process of what to do with your pregnancy.

Our counselors will work with you to help devise an educational plan that can allow you to carry your pregnancy without giving up your education or career goals, if you choose. Often, simple changes in timing and class schedules can solve the problem to keep you on track. Birthright of St. Charles makes assistance and information available if you’re completing your GED or High School Equivalency, graduating high school or trying to get your college degree. With communication and collaboration with your school, in addition to the resources, support and planning offered by our qualified counselors, you can meet your educational goals.

Facing the dilemma of losing a college scholarship?


Afraid a pregnancy would cause you to lose a scholarship, especially a sports scholarship?

If your answer to either of these questions is “yes,” there are still options for you. Depending on the type, specifications and the school offering the scholarship, arrangements may be made. There may be some tough choices and sacrifices to coordinate educational needs and your health and well-being. Know that Birthright of St. Charles will walk that path with you and offer any suggestions and support that may help in your decision making process.

Title IX

Title IX requires schools to provide pregnant students with services and accommodations equal to those provided to non-pregnant students.

Title IX prohibits a school from excluding a pregnant student from any part of its educational program, including all extracurricular activities, such as school clubs, academic societies, honors programs, homecoming court, or interscholastic sports.

Title IX requires a school to excuse a student’s absences due to pregnancy or related conditions, including recovery from childbirth, for as long as the student’s doctor deems the absences to be medically necessary. When the student returns to school, she must be reinstated to the status she held when the leave began, which should include giving her the opportunity to make up any work missed.