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Pursuing Professional Counseling for an Unplanned Pregnancy

No matter your age or experience, finding yourself unexpectedly pregnant raises a lot of questions about what to do next. Professional counseling can offer you a friendly ear, general guidance, and even specific resources to make sure your happy with your decisions.

Seeking Professional Help is Healthy

Some people are scared or embarrassed to pursue professional counseling because they believe only “weak” people need it. However, asking for help is a normal human need. It only shows that you are taking your pregnancy decisions seriously. Professional counselors are a great resource in these situations because they have the knowledge and experience to give you comprehensive and unbiased support.

Having Someone to Talk to

Not only is choosing what you want to do with your unplanned pregnancy a big physical and financial decision, but it’s also an emotional one. Even our friends and family may not completely understand our unique situations. Professional counselors are equipped to handle the complex emotions that you may feel. They offer ways to work through those emotions to figure out what you want to do.

Understanding Your Options

You may not be aware of the variety of options available to you. Professional counselors can connect you to and inform you about:

  • Prenatal decisions (whether you do or do not want to keep the baby)
  • Financial options (support for time off work, medical fees, education, housing, budgeting)
  • Prenatal care (nutrition, exercise, doctor visits, etc.)
  • Child birth (everything you need to know about the big day)
  • Postnatal care (housing, clothing, food, time management, etc.)

What to Look for In a Professional Counselor

Choosing where you’ll go for professional counseling can have a big impact on your decisions and your mental or physical health. Here are things to consider before pursuing a specific professional counselor:

  • Confidentiality: Is the counselor legally obligated to keep your conversations private?
  • Respectful: Does the counselor treat your statements, questions, and decisions with respect and support?
  • Informative: Does the counselor explain your options to you in a way that you understand?

If the answers to any of these questions is no, then do not feel bad about finding help somewhere else. There are many quality, affordable options available to women today.

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