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5 Life Lessons Every Woman Should Learn by 25

blonde-826027_640For a happy and healthy life, there are some life lessons every woman should know from being aware of your body to managing finances. When you have learned these lessons, you will be happy in the knowledge that you are taking control of your life.

How to Do a Breast Exam

While a breast self-exam is now debatable as a reliable method to help catch breast cancer early, it is still recommended that you know how your breasts look and feel. That way, you will be more aware of any unusual changes and when to talk to your doctor. Remember that your breasts can change for reasons other than breast cancer, like:

  • Oncoming menstrual period
  • Pregnancy
  • Menopause

How to Get a Reliable Pregnancy Test

If you are sexually active and believe you may be pregnant, you need to know how to get a reliable pregnancy test. You can take an at-home pregnancy test that you can buy at a pharmacy, but there are also services like Birthright that offer free medical pregnancy tests. These tests are as reliable as one you would get in a doctor’s office and much quicker. Services like Birthright also offer free counseling to help you with any next steps like birth options or finances.

How to Manage Finances

Regardless of whether or not you live on your own, learning how to manage your finances from budgeting to saving for retirement is a life lesson all women should know. Not only will it make you more independent, but help you make responsible choices like deciding if you can afford a purchase.

How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

While you’re not required to eat all the vegetables on your plate like when you were little, knowing how to eat healthy and exercise is a very important part of life. A balanced meal with a moderate amount of exercise each day will improve your mental and physical health. You will have more energy and feel good, allowing you to be up for any task.

How to Find a Properly Fitting Bra

Think your bra fits fine? You’d be surprised that it may not be your correct size after all. A properly fitted bra will not only be much more comfortable than a bra that is “good enough,” but it will also:

  • Reduce pressure on your back and shoulders
  • Fit under your clothes better
  • Prevent poor posture due to discomfort

While you can always get your bra professionally fit, you can also size yourself with a soft tape measure and some simple math.

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