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Birthright St. Charles is HERE for the WHOLE WOMAN

By: Jennifer Burch, M.Ed, PLPC Pregnancy, whether expected or unplanned, can sometimes be overwhelming at times… physically and emotionally. Birthright St. Charles is here to support the “whole woman,” not just her needs specific to pregnancy. Our professional counselors are available to sit with the woman (you) and address any stressors she(you) may be facing. […]


How To Survive Inflation

By: Terry Blanton MSW, LCSW The country is facing economic issues, and you may feel the pain as the cost of food, gas, housing, and everything else increases in price. While your income has stayed the same and your needs have increased, you may feel financially pinched. So, what can you do?

20 Free Date Night Ideas to Do with Your Significant Other

By Taylor Packard, MA, PLPC Counselor Finding intentional time for each other with the business of life and if you’re in the parenting season can be difficult. Date nights don’t have to be expensive or extravagant to make memories and build a stronger connection. It is important to fill your relationship up, so you can […]

Music Therapy

Stream Into Positivity Through Music

  Music is a language anyone can understand: It speaks to our brains in powerful, beautiful ways. It jump-starts our emotions, creativity, memory, and quality of life. With mental health awareness on the rise and teens wanting to take care of their well-being, what can music do to affect the human brain positively?

finding joy in life

Anchoring to Joy: How to Cultivate Peace in the Chaos of Life

This time of the year is challenging and often demanding. Beginning a new year can feel like starting again with the stress of new and remaining challenges. It can sometimes feel like the chaos doesn’t stop but shapeshifts into “the next thing”—medical issues, unexpected bills, family and friends in need, car accidents, storm damage, job […]

reach out for help

Reaching Out for Help

Some people naturally struggle with reaching out and asking for help. I should know; I am one of them. The truth is, it’s hard to ask for help. While I can’t say I’ve completed a journey of discovery to find myself and have finally moved past this issue, I am proud to say I’m working […]

teen to teen anxiety

Teen To Teen: Think You’re Alone? You’re Not

Authored by: Audrey Weber Being a teenager can be one of the best and worst times of your life. This season of life can bring so much joy as you find yourself and figure out who you want to be. However, this time of figuring out life for yourself can also bring anger, frustration, anxiety, […]

teen to teen pick me up

Teen To Teen: When I Need a Pick Me Up: Disney Quotes Sure to Brighten Anyone’s Day

Authored by: Darby Duncan Everyone gets down now and then and sometimes we just need some help to get back up again. One thing that helps me are quotes. Whether they are book quotes, movie quotes, or just famous sayings, they can be uplifting. My “go-to” quotes are Disney quotes—guaranteed to make you smile and […]

Will My Abortion Impact My Relationship

Will My Abortion Impact My Relationship? Things To Consider

If you or someone you know is considering an abortion, one aspect of the decision you may feel unsure about is how or if making the decision to abort will affect your relationships with others in your life, such as your boyfriend, parents, friends, etc. What difference will it make, if any? Up Next: Dealing […]

Birthright: Why Our Priority Is Compassionate Care

Life is hard. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations we did not plan. The last thing we need when we find ourselves in tight spots is judgment! Instead, we need kindness and support. We need open-mindedness and a listening ear. Birthright St. Charles supports women, all women, no matter her circumstances At Birthright of St. […]