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learned helplessness

Learned Helplessness: Living Beyond Your Past

By: Jami McDermott, Outreach Coordinator In our minds, we all have some funky mental stuff going on, right? It’s what psychologists call “complexes.” They’re like the mental patterns that shape how we see ourselves and the world. They come from past experiences, trauma, belief systems, and upbringings. So, what are these “complexes”? Think of them […]


Birthright St. Charles is HERE for the WHOLE WOMAN

By: Jennifer Burch, M.Ed, PLPC Pregnancy, whether expected or unplanned, can sometimes be overwhelming at times… physically and emotionally. Birthright St. Charles is here to support the “whole woman,” not just her needs specific to pregnancy. Our professional counselors are available to sit with the woman (you) and address any stressors she(you) may be facing. […]

The patriotic women

Celebrating the Independence of New Life: Supporting Women on their Pregnancy Journey

By Jami McDermott Pregnancy is a journey that brings new beginnings and significant changes to a woman’s life. As we approach Independence Day, it is a time to reflect on the freedoms and opportunities that our nation offers. At Birthright St. Charles, we embrace the spirit of independence by providing unwavering support to women throughout […]

Birthright: Why Our Priority Is Compassionate Care

Life is hard. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations we did not plan. The last thing we need when we find ourselves in tight spots is judgment! Instead, we need kindness and support. We need open-mindedness and a listening ear. Birthright St. Charles supports women, all women, no matter her circumstances At Birthright of St. […]

A Helping Hand: How To Support A Friend Who Is Pregnant

A friend is someone you can laugh with, spend time with, make memories with, and also someone you can trust and whose support you probably value. To be considered someone’s friend is to have a special place in her life and to be part of her support system. One most important time this may be […]

Meet The Community Partners Of Birthright St. Charles

Last week, Birthright of St. Charles participated in the 20th Annual Community Service Summit held every year at Calvary Church Mid Rivers. The Summit provides a unique opportunity for service providers and community members to come together for the purpose of networking and education in order to “build a stronger, healthier, more compassionate community.”

5 Surprising Facts About Birthright St. Charles

As an organization that serves the greater St. Charles community, Birthright is always grateful for opportunities to meet people within the community to share what we do and how their support can make an impact in the lives of those we serve. These connections happen in a variety of ways, from participating in organizational fairs […]

Confidential Care & What That Means For You

At Birthright of St. Charles, one of our top priorities in the care that we provide is ensuring the confidentiality of our clients. One common definition of confidential is “having another’s trust”. To the staff and volunteer staff of Birthright, nothing could be more important than providing our clients with care that makes them feel […]

Meet The Counselors At Birthright St. Charles

Each and every client who walks through the doors of Birthright St. Charles is met with the opportunity to access completely free and confidential services, including professional counseling provided by one of our masters-level, licensed counselors. Each of our counselors are professionally trained to assist clients by honestly and compassionately walking alongside them in their […]