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movie review

Movie Review: Lifemark

Author: Jami McDermott Movies provide all types of entertainment for all personalities.  Like most, my interests have evolved throughout the years.  I have enjoyed all genres, but soon you begin to recognize the storyline and look for movies to do more than startle your senses.

How To Tell Friends & Family About Your Unplanned Pregnancy

Finding out you are pregnant is something that can be pretty scary if you had not planned on getting pregnant. First thoughts may include, how am I going to tell my friends, the father, my boyfriend, and my parents, his parents? Up Next: Will Abortion Impact My Relationship? Things To Consider Thoughts of how others […]

What Is A Safe Haven Baby?

Imagine being a new parent – perhaps young, perhaps without a support system, perhaps unable to care for your newborn due to circumstances outside of your control. You’ve tried all you can, yet the stress and demands are too great and it’s just too much. You need immediate relief, but what can you do?

Abortion? Pause & Breathe

The first moment you see two lines indicating a positive pregnancy test can bring on a flood of emotions and questions, such as: “Why me?”, “How can I or we do this?”, “What am I supposed to do now?” or even, “There’s no way.” You may feel fear, anxiety, panic or disbelief. Learning of or […]

Meet The Community Partners Of Birthright St. Charles

Last week, Birthright of St. Charles participated in the 20th Annual Community Service Summit held every year at Calvary Church Mid Rivers. The Summit provides a unique opportunity for service providers and community members to come together for the purpose of networking and education in order to “build a stronger, healthier, more compassionate community.”

Finding the Right Pregnancy Resource Center For Your Needs

When a woman learns she is facing a crisis or unplanned pregnancy, one of the first questions she may find herself facing is “Where can I turn for help?” In Missouri alone, there are hundreds of resources available, from financial assistance to maternity shelters to pregnancy resource centers such as Birthright. Deciding which resources is […]