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learned helplessness

Learned Helplessness: Living Beyond Your Past

By: Jami McDermott, Outreach Coordinator In our minds, we all have some funky mental stuff going on, right? It’s what psychologists call “complexes.” They’re like the mental patterns that shape how we see ourselves and the world. They come from past experiences, trauma, belief systems, and upbringings. So, what are these “complexes”? Think of them […]

Love’s Comfort: A Valentine’s Reflection on Self-Adoration

By Jami McDermott, B.S. Speech Comm., Outreach Coordinator Seasonal holidays offer a wonderful opportunity to express affection and create lasting memories by exchanging gifts, planning special outings, and writing heartfelt notes. The joy experienced during these festive times is mutual, making everyone involved feel cherished and appreciated. However, once the holiday season comes to an […]

Lights On, Hearts Open: A Holiday Guide to Connecting with Neighbors

By Jami McDermott, B.S. Speech Comm., Outreach Coordinator In a world that can often seem dark, especially when focusing on the negative, our instinct is to retreat by turning off the lights, closing the blinds, and isolating ourselves. However, perhaps a few simple actions could bring about positive change, especially during the holidays—an ideal time […]

shaping the unseen

Shaping the Unseen

By Jami McDermott, B.S. Speech Comm., Outreach Coordinator The atmosphere in a room is not just about the physical air composition; it’s more about the intangible ambiance influenced by your presence, mood, actions, and preconceived attitude towards the place, people, situation, topic, or activity. This means that you can shape and transform the overall feeling and […]

Stress is natural

It’s Okay to Be Stressed!

By: Taylor Slab, Student Author Stress, as defined by the World Health Organization, is a natural human response of worry caused by a difficult situation. Stress allows us to examine different challenges and threats within our lives. Everyone experiences stress! On social media, it may seem like everyone is living their best life, but in […]


How To Survive Inflation

By: Terry Blanton MSW, LCSW The country is facing economic issues, and you may feel the pain as the cost of food, gas, housing, and everything else increases in price. While your income has stayed the same and your needs have increased, you may feel financially pinched. So, what can you do?


I’m Glad You’re Mine

By: Jami McDermott Valentine’s Day is here, and the stores are filled with heart-shaped candy boxes, roses, and cute little stuffed animals all dressed in bright red and pink, stamped with cute little comments to tell you that someone loves you and thinks you are special. Expectations and emotions are stirred as you are inundated […]

counseling birthright st. charles

Developing Attachment With Your Baby During Pregnancy

By: Taylor Packard, PLPC Sometimes parents don’t always feel a flood of bonding emotions toward their baby right away. It is normal for the attachment to take time to develop and grow. It can be difficult to feel connected with your growing baby during pregnancy.

20 Free Date Night Ideas to Do with Your Significant Other

By Taylor Packard, MA, PLPC Counselor Finding intentional time for each other with the business of life and if you’re in the parenting season can be difficult. Date nights don’t have to be expensive or extravagant to make memories and build a stronger connection. It is important to fill your relationship up, so you can […]