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Meet The Community Partners Of Birthright St. Charles

Last week, Birthright of St. Charles participated in the 20th Annual Community Service Summit held every year at Calvary Church Mid Rivers. The Summit provides a unique opportunity for service providers and community members to come together for the purpose of networking and education in order to “build a stronger, healthier, more compassionate community.”

Why Should I Volunteer at Birthright?

There are often several factors that come into play when deciding how to gift one’s time through volunteer work. For many, it’s sharing a passion for the mission of a particular organization or finding that perfect opportunity to utilize a specific skill set. Whatever the reason for volunteering, there is no doubt that doing so […]

2017: A Year In Review At Birthright St. Charles

For the team at Birthright St. Charles, 2017 has been a year filled to the brim with joy, change, and growth. We are so blessed and proud to have served over 600 women in the greater St. Charles area this past year, including providing over $70,000 in direct financial assistance and gifting more than 130 […]

Why Do I Volunteer at Birthright?

Why do I volunteer at Birthright? It sounds like an easy question but for me, it’s been a bit of an evolution. At first, when I realized I had some time to give and felt the need to give in a more “substantive” way than just strictly financial support, I looked to the people in […]