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Birthright St. Charles is HERE for the WHOLE WOMAN

By: Jennifer Burch, M.Ed, PLPC Pregnancy, whether expected or unplanned, can sometimes be overwhelming at times… physically and emotionally. Birthright St. Charles is here to support the “whole woman,” not just her needs specific to pregnancy. Our professional counselors are available to sit with the woman (you) and address any stressors she(you) may be facing. […]

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Developing Attachment With Your Baby During Pregnancy

By: Taylor Packard, PLPC Sometimes parents don’t always feel a flood of bonding emotions toward their baby right away. It is normal for the attachment to take time to develop and grow. It can be difficult to feel connected with your growing baby during pregnancy.

In the Hands of Mothers

As soon as that second line appears on the pregnancy test, the questions start whirling in every woman’s head. Where will I have my baby? Do I even like my care provider? Do I want to have a natural birth? Should I plan an induction? Then the family questions, friends’ opinions, and birthplace policies start […]

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Abortion Pill Reversal: What If I Change My Mind?

When faced with the reality of an unplanned pregnancy, women are faced with the difficult decision surrounding options of parenting, adoption or abortion. Many times this decision can be overwhelming due to questions, concerns and outside pressures. Up Next: Will Abortion Impact My Relationship? Things To Consider For pregnancies that are 10 weeks along or […]

How To Tell Friends & Family About Your Unplanned Pregnancy

Finding out you are pregnant is something that can be pretty scary if you had not planned on getting pregnant. First thoughts may include, how am I going to tell my friends, the father, my boyfriend, and my parents, his parents? Up Next: Will Abortion Impact My Relationship? Things To Consider Thoughts of how others […]

Abortion? Pause & Breathe

The first moment you see two lines indicating a positive pregnancy test can bring on a flood of emotions and questions, such as: “Why me?”, “How can I or we do this?”, “What am I supposed to do now?” or even, “There’s no way.” You may feel fear, anxiety, panic or disbelief. Learning of or […]

What Is A Layette & Why Does Birthright Provide Them?

If you are or have ever been a Birthright client or volunteer, you are likely familiar with the term “layette”, a mid-nineteenth century word commonly used in the United States to refer to a collection of clothing and accessories for a newborn child. For a Birthright client, a layette (also referred to by us as […]

Breastfeeding Week

No Judgement, No Shame: August Marks The Start Of World Breastfeeding Week

The first week in August marks World Breastfeeding Week, hailed by thousands who use this specially designated time to promote and celebrate the wonder that is a woman’s ability to provide nurture and nutrients to her child straight from her own body. To be able to breastfeed our children is a remarkable gift that is […]

Am I Pregnant? Common Symptoms & How To Get Accurate Test Results

So, you think you might be pregnant, but you’re not entirely sure. Whether you’re just feeling “off” or you have already missed an expected period, there are both physical and emotional signs that can indicate pregnancy early on. The most common indicators of pregnancy as listed by the American Pregnancy Association (APA) include: