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The patriotic women

Celebrating the Independence of New Life: Supporting Women on their Pregnancy Journey

By Jami McDermott Pregnancy is a journey that brings new beginnings and significant changes to a woman’s life. As we approach Independence Day, it is a time to reflect on the freedoms and opportunities that our nation offers. At Birthright St. Charles, we embrace the spirit of independence by providing unwavering support to women throughout […]

Breastfeeding Week

No Judgement, No Shame: August Marks The Start Of World Breastfeeding Week

The first week in August marks World Breastfeeding Week, hailed by thousands who use this specially designated time to promote and celebrate the wonder that is a woman’s ability to provide nurture and nutrients to her child straight from her own body. To be able to breastfeed our children is a remarkable gift that is […]

Breastfeeding in Public

I remember with clarity the first time I attempted to breastfeed my newborn son in a public setting (in actuality, though amidst a group of people, we were still in the privacy and comfort of a good friend’s home.) I was doing my best to make breastfeeding work since I had learned during pregnancy all […]

10 Things Motherhood has Taught Me

There is no doubt that motherhood lends innumerable life lessons, whether those lessons are ones we’ve learned from our own mothers, from being mothers ourselves, or from what we’ve experienced of maternal love from the women in our lives. In celebration of the gift that is motherhood on this day honoring all moms, I thought […]