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Birthright: Why Our Priority Is Compassionate Care

Life is hard. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations we did not plan. The last thing we need when we find ourselves in tight spots is judgment! Instead, we need kindness and support. We need open-mindedness and a listening ear. Birthright St. Charles supports women, all women, no matter her circumstances At Birthright of St. […]

Abortion? Pause & Breathe

The first moment you see two lines indicating a positive pregnancy test can bring on a flood of emotions and questions, such as: “Why me?”, “How can I or we do this?”, “What am I supposed to do now?” or even, “There’s no way.” You may feel fear, anxiety, panic or disbelief. Learning of or […]

A Helping Hand: How To Support A Friend Who Is Pregnant

A friend is someone you can laugh with, spend time with, make memories with, and also someone you can trust and whose support you probably value. To be considered someone’s friend is to have a special place in her life and to be part of her support system. One most important time this may be […]

5 Surprising Facts About Birthright St. Charles

As an organization that serves the greater St. Charles community, Birthright is always grateful for opportunities to meet people within the community to share what we do and how their support can make an impact in the lives of those we serve. These connections happen in a variety of ways, from participating in organizational fairs […]

Am I Pregnant? Common Symptoms & How To Get Accurate Test Results

So, you think you might be pregnant, but you’re not entirely sure. Whether you’re just feeling “off” or you have already missed an expected period, there are both physical and emotional signs that can indicate pregnancy early on. The most common indicators of pregnancy as listed by the American Pregnancy Association (APA) include:

Pregnant On Campus

I found out I was pregnant the second semester of my freshmen year of college. It was early spring, and I knew I would have my baby during the fall semester, sometime in November. For the first several weeks of my pregnancy, I was not able to think long term. I could only focus on […]

Birthright St. Charles: New Look, Same Mission

Spring is for new beginnings; a fresh start; a time for renewal. This is our goal for the moms we work with when they face an unintended pregnancy for the first time. Many encounter those initial “storms” of crisis, but, as Birthright provides hope, help and care to each mom’s specific circumstances and needs, they […]