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parent break

Take a “Parent Break”: Refresh YOU!

By: Tavana Darris Dear friend, This may be hard to imagine, but sometimes you do need time off from parenting. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about this time. Your feelings are valid. Yes, parenting is essential, honorable, and rewarding, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a break to help you reset. Mental […]

finding joy in life

Anchoring to Joy: How to Cultivate Peace in the Chaos of Life

This time of the year is challenging and often demanding. Beginning a new year can feel like starting again with the stress of new and remaining challenges. It can sometimes feel like the chaos doesn’t stop but shapeshifts into “the next thing”—medical issues, unexpected bills, family and friends in need, car accidents, storm damage, job […]

Teen To Teen: Learning to Love Myself, Day by Day

Seven in ten girls believe that they’re not good enough or don’t measure up to society’s standards, whether it’s looks, performance in school, family life, or relationships with friends. Over 70% of girls age 15 to 17 avoid normal daily activities, such as simply attending school, when they’re feeling insecure.

The Truth About Postpartum Depression

Content contribution from Terry Blanton, LCSW A Personal Journey I’ll never forget the day I took my first newborn son home from the hospital. There was a flurry of fear mixed in with joy as I changed him into his ‘going home’ outfit and strapped him safely into his pumpkin seat, all while my discharge […]

Why Should I Volunteer at Birthright?

There are often several factors that come into play when deciding how to gift one’s time through volunteer work. For many, it’s sharing a passion for the mission of a particular organization or finding that perfect opportunity to utilize a specific skill set. Whatever the reason for volunteering, there is no doubt that doing so […]

An Open Letter To Our Strong, Brave Clients

Dear Birthright Client, Though I’ve never met you, I feel like we are part of one another’s stories in some small but deeply significant way. I have been blessed by Birthright, as I know that you have too.

Celebrating Lasting Love Throughout The Years

As human beings, we all long for companionship and support, but what we sometimes forget is the work that goes into building strong and healthy relationships. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we asked some of these incredible women who make our work possible through their generous hearts to share their best love advice on what […]

Our Journey: Love, Loss Faith, & Grace

Our Blessing, Our Grace A few months after we married, Andy and I learned that our prayers for our family had been answered. I was pregnant and we were ecstatic. Aside from some afternoon fatigue, my pregnancy seemed to be going smoothly until our 12-week anatomy scan. We watched as our daughter stretched her arms […]

Breastfeeding in Public

I remember with clarity the first time I attempted to breastfeed my newborn son in a public setting (in actuality, though amidst a group of people, we were still in the privacy and comfort of a good friend’s home.) I was doing my best to make breastfeeding work since I had learned during pregnancy all […]

My Choice

The following story is shared as it was written and shared with Birthright and reflects the personal journey of this specific client. Birthright understands that each woman’s circumstance is unique and this story does not directly represent each woman that Birthright strives to serve. I was terrified when I found out I was pregnant.