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Professional Counseling? Yeah, We Do That!

By: Jennifer Burch, M.Ed, PLPC With the power of social media, the word has spread that many Americans have sought help for various mental illnesses. Celebrities have spoken out, and the month of May is dedicated to the awareness; TikTok has its own #TherapyTok, all with the message that therapy can be so helpful. People […]

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When It’s Not the Right Time

“Thank you, but it’s just not the right time” How often do we find ourselves repeating this common mantra with a slight wince? Up Next: An Open Letter To The Stressed Out Mamas “I would, but it’s not the right time” can be a way to fill a blank space in a conversation or life […]

How To Tell Friends & Family About Your Unplanned Pregnancy

Finding out you are pregnant is something that can be pretty scary if you had not planned on getting pregnant. First thoughts may include, how am I going to tell my friends, the father, my boyfriend, and my parents, his parents? Up Next: Will Abortion Impact My Relationship? Things To Consider Thoughts of how others […]

Meet The Community Partners Of Birthright St. Charles

Last week, Birthright of St. Charles participated in the 20th Annual Community Service Summit held every year at Calvary Church Mid Rivers. The Summit provides a unique opportunity for service providers and community members to come together for the purpose of networking and education in order to “build a stronger, healthier, more compassionate community.”

Pursuing Professional Counseling for an Unplanned Pregnancy

No matter your age or experience, finding yourself unexpectedly pregnant raises a lot of questions about what to do next. Professional counseling can offer you a friendly ear, general guidance, and even specific resources to make sure your happy with your decisions. Seeking Professional Help is Healthy Some people are scared or embarrassed to pursue […]