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mother's day

Mom, the Unstoppable Force

By: Jami McDermott, Outreach Coordinator Ah, Mother’s Day – that time of year when we officially recognize the all-powerful women living among us: moms. But let’s not get too sappy; instead, let’s celebrate the rollercoaster ride that is motherhood, complete with its ups, downs, and sideways loops!   Mother’s Day is for Moms Who are […]

How Birthright has been my Village

How Birthright Has Been My Village- And Could Be Yours Too!

By: Faith Downing I remember clearly waddling into Birthright on a hot August day, clutching a folder with my resume in one hand and cradling my very present baby bump with another. To most organizations, I was not an ideal job candidate, being nearly seven months pregnant with a maternity leave and major life overhaul […]


Empowered Women in Every Age

By: Sheri Petruso MSW, LCSW Women are Strong. Women are Fierce. Throughout history, women have often been underestimated, but today it is clear women have shaped the world. Even before the fight for the right to vote, to today’s working moms, women have served crucial roles in history- breaking barriers, fighting for injustice to improve […]

movie review

Movie Review: Lifemark

Author: Jami McDermott Movies provide all types of entertainment for all personalities.  Like most, my interests have evolved throughout the years.  I have enjoyed all genres, but soon you begin to recognize the storyline and look for movies to do more than startle your senses.

Pregnancy Loss: A Personal Journey As 1 In 4

Pregnancy loss happens in about 10-25% of confirmed pregnancies. That is 1 in 4. This percentage may actually be higher as some losses occur before a woman even knows she is pregnant. Early loss, a loss which occurs before 8 weeks gestation, is the most common. Pregnancy that ends before 20 weeks is called a […]

5 Surprising Facts About Birthright St. Charles

As an organization that serves the greater St. Charles community, Birthright is always grateful for opportunities to meet people within the community to share what we do and how their support can make an impact in the lives of those we serve. These connections happen in a variety of ways, from participating in organizational fairs […]

5 Lessons We Learned from “The Greatest Showman”

A few months ago I found myself sitting in the movie theater wowed by the flash of color and fantastical musical numbers dancing across the screen before my eyes as I watched 2017’s The Greatest Showman for the first time. It wasn’t until my second (and third and fourth) viewings of the film, though, that […]

The Truth About Postpartum Depression

Content contribution from Terry Blanton, LCSW A Personal Journey I’ll never forget the day I took my first newborn son home from the hospital. There was a flurry of fear mixed in with joy as I changed him into his ‘going home’ outfit and strapped him safely into his pumpkin seat, all while my discharge […]

An Open Letter To Our Strong, Brave Clients

Dear Birthright Client, Though I’ve never met you, I feel like we are part of one another’s stories in some small but deeply significant way. I have been blessed by Birthright, as I know that you have too.

We Are Stronger Together: Remembering Irena Sendler

March is Women’s History Month, an opportunity to celebrate and remember the countless women who have inspired, lead and catalyzed positive change in the history of humanity. Women are powerful individuals but can be even stronger when united together with passion for a common cause. I recently came across the story of one unsung hero […]