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Stress is natural

It’s Okay to Be Stressed!

By: Taylor Slab, Student Author

Stress, as defined by the World Health Organization, is a natural human response of worry caused by a difficult situation. Stress allows us to examine different challenges and threats within our lives. Everyone experiences stress! On social media, it may seem like everyone is living their best life, but in reality we all struggle sometimes. Everyone deals with stress in different ways but finding the best way for YOU to cope is most important.

Good vs. Bad Stress

As a normal human response, stress can be positive. Good stress is short-term and inspires us to re-focus. For example, the stress of having a baby can be scary but with help from a Birthright counselor that stress can be turned into motivation for the future to come. Other positive stressors include buying a home, a new job, marriage etc. Bad stress occurs when we become worn out or notice a decrease in health. Common negative stressors include:

  • Unmanaged physical or mental health problems
  • Racial inequities
  • Relationship strain

Reducing Stress

Below we have provided a stress management worksheet to help you find the best way to cope with your stress. If this worksheet does not work for you, feel free to check out our other blogs:

So don’t stress about stress.  It’s normal, manageable and you don’t have to do it alone.

If stressed that you may be pregnant – help at Birthright St. Charles is just a call or text away.  Take a deep breath – you got this and we’re here with you.


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