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Why Should I Volunteer at Birthright?

There are often several factors that come into play when deciding how to gift one’s time through volunteer work. For many, it’s sharing a passion for the mission of a particular organization or finding that perfect opportunity to utilize a specific skill set. Whatever the reason for volunteering, there is no doubt that doing so can have a significantly positive impact both for the organization being served and the individual serving.

This rings true in the stories of countless volunteers who have served Birthright over the past 35 years. While each of them has their personal reasons for choosing to gift their time to Birthright, the general consensus of our volunteer team is one of gratitude for the opportunity to play such an impactful role in the work that we do.

There are a number of ways to be involved with Birthright on a volunteer basis, including:

  • Phone Volunteer
  • Receptionist
  • Event Volunteer
  • Social Media Support

In honor of National Volunteer Week, one of our weekly Phone Volunteers, Cindy M., shares her personal “Why?” for what inspires her to continue being involved in serving Birthright.

Cindy’s “Why”

“I have been a volunteer at Birthright for a little over a year and a half. As someone who values a woman’s right to an informed decision, I was excited to be able to work with an organization that provides this type of nonjudgmental and supportive counseling. I am able to talk with these women throughout their pregnancies and give them support when they may not have anyone else to turn to. And when their babies are born, I have the opportunity to share in the joy of the little miracle that has blessed all of us through the gift of their life.

I don’t know what to expect every day that I come in. I don’t ever know when I walk through the doors if I will get a phone call from a mother who is struggling with the difficult decision of whether or not to carry. But it is worth it for the possibility of being the comforting voice on the other end of the line. There is no judgement or animosity towards these women. We give them information, support and hope and the confidence that they are strong enough to be wonderful mothers. The mom on the other end of the phone may just need someone to believe in her and to give her the confidence and tools she needs to be all that we know she can be. I have seen encounter so many women who, upon giving birth to her baby, is overjoyed, knowing that this decision was the best one she could have made.

To know that I may have had a hand in that is my “Why”.

One new mother told me that she was unsure about what Birthright offered in the beginning, but that she felt welcomed and unjudged from the start. When she walked through our doors for the first time, she knew it was the right thing for her. She welcomed the texts and phone calls every month to talk about her pregnancy and for the affirmation that someone is there for her and cares for her and her babies’ well-being. Recently she gave birth to her baby boy and sent us pictures of her beautiful baby that she is so proud of and loves so much.

As I looked at those photos for the first time, tears of joy streamed down my cheeks. That baby gets to experience life and all that it has to offer and that mom gets to experience the miracle of life by watching her baby boy grow and teaching him every step of the way. And for that I am grateful for what I get to do and I am proud to be part of this organization that helps these women every day. “

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