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Birthright St. Charles’ Diaper Days Is Back & Helping Families Stay Within Budget!

By Jami McDermott 

Budgeting for parenthood in today’s economy can be challenging. Still, with a bit of resourcefulness and preparation, you and your family will be able to thrive.

Create A List Of Essentials

Begin with listing a few essential products your new infant will require during the first few weeks at home. The list can be extensive, so start with the basics like diapers, wet wipes, formula, clothing, and car seats.

Comparable Shopping

Once you have established the list, take some time to research the product’s safety reviews, availability, and price. The differences between a product’s features or design may be minimal, so make sure the extra cost is warranted. All parents desire to provide the very best for their children, but the word “best” is not synonymous with “most expensive.” Many generic brands are the exact same product as the name brand. They are even manufactured in the same facilities! The only difference is the generic brand is packaged differently.

Consider Alternatives To Disposable Diapers And Formula

Cloth diapers are often more affordable than disposable diapers over time and better for the environment. Still, they require a higher upfront cost and time commitment to clean and sanitize soiled diapers. Unlike disposables, cloth fabric does not draw wetness away from the child’s skin, requiring frequent changes. If your child will be attending daycare, be sure and ask if they will accept them.

Nursing can be an advantageous alternative for both mother and child with minimum start-up costs by providing ideal nourishment and bonding time. But for mothers with busy schedules, this can be a hindrance as it requires more time commitment and planning.

Decisions like these are not always easy, so you should give yourself time to explore the various options and costs. Your child’s needs will constantly change, so what works today may not work tomorrow. If you find you have difficulty nursing, it’s nothing to be ashamed of and know you’re not alone! Contact your pediatrician for advice.

Utilize Community Resources Like Birthright St. Charles’ Diaper Days

New programs providing resources to help stabilize households are available in many areas. Most are for a limited time or until resources run out. To keep abreast of future events, consider signing up for the organization’s newsletter or visiting their website.

And remember to always be sure to take advantage of our summer program, Diaper Days!

Birthright St. Charles Diaper Days are back every Friday this summer until August 26, 2022, from 10 am-2 pm, in collaboration with Books for Newborns!

Expectant mothers, parents, and guardians are welcomed and encouraged to stop by the office at 2125 Bluestone Dr., St. Charles, to receive a package of diapers, wipes, and books for the family.

No appointment is necessary, and families are welcome to attend more than once. The process is simple; after you’ve arrived at the office, fill out the sign-in sheet to identify your child’s diaper size (sizes 1, 2, or 3) with the age of the children receiving books.

Birthright St. Charles provides resources to support the whole person, from free pregnancy tests to Master level counselors. We also help clients find solutions to important questions such as housing, insurance, clothing, and medical care.

You can also visit our website to learn about more helpful community resources in your area.

Stop by on a Friday to find out more – all are welcome & every little bit saved helps!

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