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Birthright St. Charles is HERE for the WHOLE WOMAN

By: Jennifer Burch, M.Ed, PLPC

Pregnancy, whether expected or unplanned, can sometimes be overwhelming at times… physically and emotionally. Birthright St. Charles is here to support the “whole woman,” not just her needs specific to pregnancy.

Our professional counselors are available to sit with the woman (you) and address any stressors she(you) may be facing. We are not afraid to talk about the “tough stuff .” We are here to listen, to help identify solutions, and to assist in processing all the feelings that come along with navigating life and unexpected circumstances. We have heard a lot and don’t shy away from discussing women’s difficulties.


Birthright St. Charles counseling sessions are entirely directed by (you) the woman. She (You) decides how much or little she would like to participate in therapy or how often.

Topics brought up in counseling sessions have included:

    • Relationship issues with partners, family, and friends
    • Depression and anxiety symptoms
    • Other mental health diagnoses
    • Previous experiences with pregnancies
    • Suicidal thoughts and previous attempts
    • Self-harm, past or present
    • Domestic violence
    • Sexual assault
    • Sex trafficking
    • Substance use, addictions
    • Difficulty with meeting basic needs: housing, food, medical, etc.
    • Postpartum depression and anxiety

Counseling sessions can look like:

    • Weekly, biweekly, monthly, as needed
    • In-person
    • Phone/virtual when needed
    • Individual therapy
    • With her partner
    • With any support person, she feels comfortable with

Our counselors want to address any stressors that may be getting in the way of (your)  the woman’s goals.

Counselors can provide:

    • Information/benefits/risks of all pregnancy options, including:
      • Carrying and parenting
      • Making an adoption plan
      • Different types of abortions are available
    • Mental health support
      • Psychoeducation
      • Coping strategies
      • Goal setting
      • Identifying strengths, increasing self-worth
      • Grief and loss
      • Post-abortion care
    • Community resources include:
      • How to apply for health insurance
      • Food/Clothing/household goods
      • Housing
      • Maternity and baby items
      • Support groups specific to needs

Women deserve to be healthy…physically and mentally! Birthright St. Charles is here to serve women.

Women are strong AND deserve support! Women are capable AND deserve care!

“What we don’t need amid struggle, is shame for being human.”

– Brené Brown



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