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shaping the unseen

Shaping the Unseen

By Jami McDermott, B.S. Speech Comm., Outreach Coordinator

The atmosphere in a room is not just about the physical air composition; it’s more about the intangible ambiance influenced by your presence, mood, actions, and preconceived attitude towards the place, people, situation, topic, or activity. This means that you can shape and transform the overall feeling and mood of the environment based on how you carry yourself and interact with others.


Your Impact on the Atmosphere

When you enter a room, are you aware that people often sigh with relief as their spirits are lifted, and they feel refreshed by your presence, or does the room become quiet and filled with tension? Becoming self-aware begins with understanding your identity and purpose. We were not designed to wander through life but to make positive contributions by bringing light and dispelling darkness. We are not mere spectators but active participants in the game of life, equipped with numerous gifts. We possess the ability to utilize these gifts and alter the atmosphere wherever we go.

Our role is to create a space where people feel safe and connected, where the “vibe” in the room fosters a sense of security. A space where judgment and criticism have no place, where gossip is frowned upon, and mercy and grace are valued. It should be a place that communicates, “You are seen and loved.”


Maintaining a Positive Atmosphere

Regardless of the unexpected disruptions, frustrations, or difficulties that may arise in life, our response should be deliberate and composed. We should stand firm and strive to build an atmosphere that uplifts and inspires others, as well as ourselves.

Unexpected disruptions and difficulties are an inevitable part of life. They can come in various forms, such as an unexpected pregnancy, loss of a job, financial struggles, health issues, or a combination of multiple challenges. These situations can significantly impact our lives and the atmosphere we create.


Responding with Resilience

When faced with unexpected disruptions, maintaining a positive atmosphere can have a transformative effect. It involves approaching challenges with resilience, optimism, and a solution-oriented mindset. Life can feel overwhelming, especially if facing an unexpected pregnancy, and creating a positive atmosphere can seem too hard to do alone. Birthright St. Charles has professional counselors and clinical social workers available to help build coping and effective management of those challenges. They will work with you to focus on finding opportunities for growth, learning, and personal development instead of dwelling on setbacks. By doing so, we hope to uplift others, spread hope, and encourage a sense of unity and support. Birthright St. Charles is here to offer and promote this change in mindset.


The Power to Shape Any Situation

When we are able to consciously choose our attitude and responses to unexpected disruptions, we have the power to shape the atmosphere in any situation. Cultivating resilience enables us to bounce back from setbacks and maintain a positive atmosphere. It involves acknowledging our emotions, seeking support, and finding ways to adapt and move forward. By demonstrating resilience, we inspire others to do the same, fostering a climate of strength and determination.


Fostering Connection and Empathy

Creating a positive atmosphere also involves showing empathy and understanding towards others who may be going through similar struggles. By offering support, compassion, and a listening ear, we can create an atmosphere of connection and empathy where individuals feel valued and understood.

Furthermore, a significant difference can be made by fostering a collaborative atmosphere where we strive to work together. By encouraging open communication, sharing resources, and brainstorming solutions together, we create an atmosphere that encourages unity, cooperation, and a sense of shared purpose.


Focusing on Growth and Improvement

Embracing a growth mindset allows us to view challenges as opportunities for personal and collective growth. By focusing on learning, adapting, and seeking innovative solutions, we create an atmosphere of continuous improvement, where mistakes are seen as learning experiences and setbacks are stepping stones towards success.

So, what type of atmosphere do you create for yourself and others? Contact Birthright St. Charles if you want us to help clear “the air.”


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Although we are a pregnancy resource center, we do understand you are more than your pregnancy, and life circumstances can inhibit your ability to move forward. The services and resources we offer help us support you holistically so you can be the best you for you.

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