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Pregnant & Uninsured? Here’s How Birthright St. Charles Can Help

Pregnant & Unsure Unplanned Pregnancy“I can’t continue this pregnancy – I don’t even have insurance”

“I’m pregnant but don’t have insurance – what do I do?”

Pregnancy can bring a lot of questions and concerns, especially when it comes to figuring out how to find a doctor and obtain the proper prenatal care for your pregnancy if you are without insurance.

Rest assured there are ways to explore options and receive guidance and answers along the way if you are pregnant and uninsured. If you feel uncertain, you can start by scheduling to meet with one of our educated counselors at Birthright St. Charles.

Our Counselors Can Help You Apply For Coverage

Our counselors can talk with you about your needs and concerns and address how to obtain coverage through Missouri HealthNet , a Medicaid program which “covers qualified medical expenses for individuals who meet certain eligibility types”. This program can help ensure you receive the prenatal care you need.

Specifically, our counselors can address:

  • Any concerns from previous pregnancies you may have had.
  • Connection to previous OB/Gyns you may have seen, as well as your current preferences for choosing a provider.
  • How to navigate the Department of Social Services application process to verify eligibility of coverage through Missouri HealthNet for Pregnant Women.
  • Your current employment situation and how to coordinate care with existing insurance that does not offer maternity coverage or how to assess eligibility referring to the income guidelines that are specific to your household.

We Can Provide Confirmation Of Pregnancy

Our medically approved pregnancy tests can also serve as confirmation of pregnancy for the application process. We can also provide a paper copy of the application that you can use as a worksheet to gather the necessary information and documentation needed to complete the application.

It is recommended that you submit your application for Missouri HealthNet coverage online at to expedite the processing time. If you have an existing case with similar or other medical coverage or receive other government assistance, it may only require updating your account with the state to include the pregnancy.

Some women can be concerned about the time frame between confirming the positive pregnancy test result and obtaining insurance coverage to see a doctor. To ensure the overall health of your pregnancy, Birthright St. Charles  is be a great place to start!

Meeting with a counselor can allow you to better assess your needs and can help you develop a plan moving forward and/or assist you with arrangements for your initial prenatal appointment.

Accessing insurance while trying to grasp the reality of an unplanned pregnancy can seem confusing and difficult at first. Know that Birthright St. Charles is here to support you and answer your questions about insurance and managing your pregnancy. A concern about insurance doesn’t need to be a reason to doubt your ability to continue a pregnancy. We’re here to walk with you and work to clear the confusion so you feel confident about pregnancy, your decisions and yourself!

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