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4 Ways To Celebrate Diversity

‘Diversity’ is a term that is as important as it is prevalent in our society today. One of the most beautiful attributes of humanity is the variety in which it is presented—people of all colors, shapes, sizes, backgrounds and world views walk this planet, creating as they do a tapestry only emboldened by the differences […]

Father’s Day: Making Decisions Together & Navigating Co-Parenting

Whenever a child is born, the lives of two people are inevitably changed forever as they become parents. Whether married or not, it is important to the development and well-being of a child for his or her parents to maintain a solid parenting relationship founded in mutual respect. This means making a commitment to keeping […]

Love is in the Air: How Healthy is Your Relationship?

We can all benefit from the companionship and closeness of another, and all relationships have their ups and downs. So how can you tell if you and your significant other are in a healthy relationship that can last or one that will soon pass (or maybe should)? To find out just how healthy your relationship […]