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Time to Talk

In Our Own Backyard – Human Trafficking

Author: Jami McDermott, B.S. Speech Comm., Outreach Coordinator The Harrowing Reality of Human Trafficking Recently, the movie “Sound of Freedom” brought attention to the horrors of human/work trafficking. This form of exploitation preys on vulnerable individuals, taking advantage of their economic and emotional needs to force them into unsafe and illegal situations, often involving sexual exploitation […]

The patriotic women

Celebrating the Independence of New Life: Supporting Women on their Pregnancy Journey

By Jami McDermott Pregnancy is a journey that brings new beginnings and significant changes to a woman’s life. As we approach Independence Day, it is a time to reflect on the freedoms and opportunities that our nation offers. At Birthright St. Charles, we embrace the spirit of independence by providing unwavering support to women throughout […]

Commitment and Love

Dad-icated: Embracing the Fatherly Journey with Love and Laughter

Author: Jami McDermott Ah, fathers! The unsung heroes of the parenting world. They may not have superpowers or wear capes (although, wouldn’t that be cool?), but they hold a unique key to shaping future generations. And let me tell you, it’s quite a responsibility! Now, before we go any further, let’s clear something up. Being […]

Stress is natural

It’s Okay to Be Stressed!

By: Taylor Slab, Student Author Stress, as defined by the World Health Organization, is a natural human response of worry caused by a difficult situation. Stress allows us to examine different challenges and threats within our lives. Everyone experiences stress! On social media, it may seem like everyone is living their best life, but in […]

How Birthright has been my Village

How Birthright Has Been My Village- And Could Be Yours Too!

By: Faith Downing I remember clearly waddling into Birthright on a hot August day, clutching a folder with my resume in one hand and cradling my very present baby bump with another. To most organizations, I was not an ideal job candidate, being nearly seven months pregnant with a maternity leave and major life overhaul […]


Empowered Women in Every Age

By: Sheri Petruso MSW, LCSW Women are Strong. Women are Fierce. Throughout history, women have often been underestimated, but today it is clear women have shaped the world. Even before the fight for the right to vote, to today’s working moms, women have served crucial roles in history- breaking barriers, fighting for injustice to improve […]